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Date, Details
Artist(s) Qty

"The Rocky Mountains - A Vision for Artists
in the 19th Century"

Patricia Trenton & Peter H. Hassrick
University of Oklahoma Press
1983, HB, signed by Patricia Trenton
Various 1 $55
"Etchings of Today"
Introduction by W. Gaunt
London- The Studio Unlimited
Circa 1920's
Various 1 $45
"The Painters' America - Rural & Urban Life, 1810 - 1910"
Patricia Hills, for the Whitney Museum of American Art
Praeger Publishing
1974, PB
Various 1 $30
"American Still-Life Painting"
William H. Gerdts & Russell Burke
Praeger Publishing
1971, HB
Various 1
"American Still Lifes of the 19th Century"
Introduction by Cecily Langdale
Eminent Publications
1971, Pamphlet
Various 1 $25
"The History of American Ceramics, 1607 to Present"
Elaine Levin
1988, HB
Various 1 $55
"Edwin Whitefield - 19th Century North American Scenery"
Bettina A. Norton
Barre Publications
1977, HB
Edwin Whitefield 1 $35
"A Visitable Past - Views of Venice by American
Artists, 1860 - 1915"

(author not specified)
University of Chicago Press
1989, HB
Various 1 $25
"Armin Landeck: Catalog Raisonné of His Prints"
June & Norman Kraeft
June & Norman Kraeft
1977, first edition, PB
Armin Landeck 1

"Armin Landeck: Catalog Raisonné of His Prints"
J. K. & Norman Kraeft
S. Illinois University Press
1994, second edition, HB
Armin Landeck Case

"The Graphic Work of Edwin Fulwider: A Catalog Raisonné"
Allan McIntyre & W. B. Kielsmeier
Covington Fine Arts Gallery
2009, first edition, PB
Edwin Fulwider 10+ $38
"The Book of the Artists, American Artist Life..."
Henry T. Tuckerman
James F. Carr Publishing, NY
1967, HB, all text
Various 1
no DJ

"Isabel Bishop, Etchings & Aquatints"
Susan P. Teller
Associated American Artist
1985, Pamphlet, Catalog Raisonné
Isabel Bishop 1

"Highlights Among the Hudson River Artists"
Clara Endicott Sears
Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston
1947, HB, w/63 BW illustrations
Various 1
no DJ

"Nature & Culture - American Landscape & Painting,
1825 - 1875"

Barbara Novak
Oxford University Press, NY
1980, HB
Various 1

"Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People"
Harry Peters
Doubleday, Doran & Co., NY
1942, OP
Currier & Ives 1
no DJ

"A Wild Sort of Beauty, Public Places & Private Visions"
Essay by Robert L. McGrath
Adirondack Museum
1992, PB
Various 3

"American Screen Prints"
Reba & Dave Williams
Nat'l Academy of Design
1987, PB
Various 2

"Aaron Draper Shattuck, N.A., 1832 - 1928,
A Retrospective Exhibition"

(author not specified)
New Britain Museum of American Art, Conn.
1970, Pamphlet
A. D. Shattuck 2

"Whistler & His Contemporaries"
Adeline Lee Karpiscak
U. of AZ Exhibition
1982, Pamphlet
Various 2

"American Graphics, 1860 - 1940, Selected from the Collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art"
Ellen S. Jacobowitz & George H. Marcus
Philadelphia Museum of Art
1982, PB, BW
Various 1

"French Painting in the XX Century"
Charles Terrasse
Hyperion Press
1939, HB, translated to English, not 1st, Color & BW plates
Various 1
w/DJ, fair

"Women Artists of America, 1707 - 1964"
(author not specified)
Newark Museum
1965, Pamphlet, BW
Various 2

"Rookwood Pottery"
Herbert Peck
Herbert Peck Books Pub.
1968, HB, some color but mostly BW plates
Various 1

"American Art Pottery"
Copper- Hewitt Museum
U. of Wash. Press, Seattle
1987, PB, BW & color
Various 1

"Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook"
Glen C. Nelson
Holt, Rinehart & Winston
1966, second edition, HB, some color but mostly BW, technical, price clipped
Various 1

"Beatrice Wood: A Retrospective"
(author not specified)
Phoenix Art Museum
1973, Pamphlet
Beatrice Wood 3

"American Painting of Herman Herzog"
Essay by Donald S. Lewis, Jr.
Brandywine Conservancy
1992, PB, mostly BW
Herman Herzog 1

Malcolm Huslam
Crescent Books, NY
1973, HB
Various 1
no DJ

"Hardie Gramatky, A Retrospective View 1928 - 78"
(author not specified)
Stary-Sheets Gallery
1989, Pamphlet, color
H. Gramatky 1

"Folk Painters of America"
Robert Bishop
E. P. Dutton, NY
1989, HB
Various 1

"The Etchings of Louis Icart"
S. Michael Schnessel & Mel Karmel
Schiffler Pub. Ltd.
1982, HB
Louis Icart 1

"American Painting from 1830"
(author not specified)
Everson Museum of Art
1965, Pamphlet
Various 1

"Standing Rainbows: Railroad Promotion of Art,
the West and Its Native People"

(author not specified)
ATSF Railway, Kansas State Historical Society
unknown date, Pamphlet
Various 2

"The Best of Everything..."
John Marion
Simon & Schuster
1989, HB
Various 2

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